Just to piss off Bill Donohue

…’cuz the more people see this, the more it makes li’l Billy cry and pout and stamp his feet:

I’m no art critic, but to me it looks like this film, if anything, is depicting AIDS sufferers as Christ-figures — innocent victims being outcast by the PTB and tortured to death. I can see why BillDo would find that offensive. OTOH, I doubt he even thought that deeply about it.


And speaking of Canadian religiots….

…the province of Prince Edward Island1 decided this week to join the 21st century by allowing Sunday shopping. After the bill’s sponsor suffered a minor accident, Transport Minister Ron MacKinley, suggested — apparently in all seriousness — that God is pissed at her.

Point and laugh, people; point and laugh.

1. For those who don’t know, it’s an overgrown sandbar in the Gulf of St. Lawrence known mostly for having given the world Anne of Green Gables. For some unknown reason, the world has not yet nuked the place to the waterline in retaliation. Oh yeah, there was also some big political shindig there a while back.

What’s adequate evidence for God in principle?

As an atheist, is there any evidence that I would persuade me to provisionally accept that God exists?

This questions has recently been dealt with by both PZ Myers and Jerry Coyne – who are both atheists and biologists, and usually agree on most things, as far as I can discern. This time they don’t, however. PZ argues that nothing would persuade him, and Coyne explains how he could be persuaded (two other bloggers I follow, Massimo Pigliucci and John Wilkins – both philosophers with a heavy interest in biology, and both atheists, even though Wilkins doesn’t know it, have indicated that they side with PZ on this one).

First off, the question as stated doesn’t completely make sense. In order to refute a concept/hypothesis, it must be adequately defined. And quite frankly, those people who say they will not be persuaded by any evidence whatsoever, are exactly the ones who seem to me not to own up to this problem. If I just say ‘God’, then one can always refute positive evidence for the concept by saying that something else could explain it, by pushing further back what ‘God’ means. For example, if we define ‘God’ as that which caused a particular person with leprosy to be healed, then evidence that this particular person with leprosy was healed would be evidence of ‘God’. Stupid definition, of course, but the problem is that all the definitions are stupid, in this sense. Events purported to be explained by some God-concept can all be explained in other ways, too. And this is exactly the problem, and the reason that tree quarters of people surveyed (see above) will say that no evidence is sufficient to persuade them.

Read the rest on Pleiotropy.

It’s infectious

Nina Paley is the creator of Mimi & Eunice and is unleashing them on the world under a copyleft license.


They hated our freedoms, so we instituted warrantless wiretapping, electronic surveillance and denied habeus corpus.

They hated our lack of religious control, so we redoubled our efforts to make discussing religion a crime, and to impose particular religious values on all, irrespective of their beliefs or commitments.

They hated our wealth, so we bankrupted ourselves trying to invade and control parts of the world that defeated all others. To pay for this we taxed the poor.

They hated our education, so we stopped teaching science and history that offended some religious people.

They hated our quality of life, so we took the dangers posed by a few, who harmed a few, and made life less for all.

They won.

That settles it

Nina Paley is the creator of Mimi & Eunice and is unleashing them on the world under a copyleft license.

Representative gov’t as well

Nina Paley is the creator of Mimi & Eunice and is unleashing them on the world under a copyleft license.

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