Political interference in science

Eric Cantor and Adrian Smith both republican (Duh) representatives have decided to attack the National Science Foundation. Albeit in a cowardly way.


Why we pursue the Truth

For several thousand ought years humans have struggled with Truth. For the last 200 years or so, science has emerged as the only dependable mechanism to establishing many truths. Sure, there are those who say science does not tell us why we find a given piece of art beautiful or moving, why we like a certain genera of fiction, why we love this person but not that person. These truth claims are currently beyond the purview of science. (Notice: I said “science does not” not “science can not”, because we are always learning more about how we think and make decisions.) Regardless, even if science does not answer these questions, what does? Surely not the bible or koran or other holy book. Are we really comfortable with revelatory truths? If so, I have a way that you too can feel better for only $19.99 a month.

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I’m too much of an opinionated bastard not to be first!

My thanks to the great silverback for setting up this little hovel of profound (or not) rantitude. So let me help this venture in “get-the-hell-off-my-lawn” with the following…

This is just my opinion but everyone should know that getting funded is a fucking crap shoot. First, the disclaimer I have been funded by the NIH and am looking to continue that relationship. Second, if you write a crap proposal you will not get funded! period ( see there it is —> . ) end of story.

But if you write an amazingly great grant, then its a crap shoot. I recently had two great proposals get triaged. Triaging is a way an NIH study section can handle the workload, currently (if my sources are correct) ~2/3 to 3/4 of all proposals in my study sections are triaged. This could mean your proposal sucks or that it was awesome, but so were a bunch of other proposals. This is why its a crap shoot. If most proposals submitted are good, and you’re a fool to think they aren’t, then many good proposals will be triaged and of those not triaged, most still won’t be funded.

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