Spiritual, compatible, drivel.

Lorna Dueck is a “writer looking for evidence of God in the news of the day”. Her contributions to the CBC front page are mercifully rare, as they’re mostly content-free drivel extolling the application of “spirituality” to some issue without generally being too specific as to how (which, one suspects, is because she really means “my kind of Christianity”, but knows that won’t fly with the readership). Today she popped up again to deliver this column on the euthanasia discussion currently taking place in Quebec. After a delivering a decent enough summary of the viewpoints and dilemmas posed by the issue, she gets down to the spiritual part, gracing the reader with observations like:

There has been pressure to isolate and keep religious views from the debate. But surely that is not realistic, given that science and faith have such deep compatibility and understanding when it comes to the arena of pain and death.
….which, as part of the science-religion compatibility debate, is not even wrong.

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