For the New Athiests

Nina Paley is the creator of Mimi & Eunice and is unleashing them on the world under a copyleft license.



  1. So, what’s the rocket in regards to atheism? Evidence?

    • Try an ability and willingness to evaluate your own claims and ideas critically, as well as those of others. Maybe add an openness to different ideas and perspectives and a nuanced understanding of human thought and behavior. Maybe even a degree of trepidation when holding forth on subjects that you really don’t know much about. Top it all off with a hesitancy to simply dismiss as nonsense things that you don’t understand. Damn, that’s a bg rocket. What would call that? The S.S. Rationality maybe?

    • A sense of humor perhaps.

    • The rocket would be actually having substantive arguments to make, or useful actions to take. I’m reading the comic as saying: Go ahead and get angry about some issue, but use your anger to drive something concrete (eg: lots of PZ Myers’ posts). If all you do is spout off and insult people, you’re just a flamer (sensu Usenet), and you will end in metaphorical self-immolation.

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