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This blog is set up so that bloggers and those who want to write just one blog post can do so, and link back to their home blog. The idea is that anyone may blog here so long as they observe the rules of ranting in a sensible manner, without personal attacks. If they only want to write one post, they can. If they want to link here to a blog entry at their home site, by posting only the first paragraph and a link, they can.

This blog was started after a commenter at Evolving Thoughts called himself an opinionated bastard. It struck the author of that blog that a blog was needed for rants, raves, and sermons on matters roughly arising from public intellectual topics, especially the politics, sociology and philosophy of science and religion, for people who are opinionated bastards but do not blog frequently, and that this blog would serve as a clearing house for posts along those lines. Hence, bloggers who occasionally rant and rave, etc., and people who rarely if ever blog but want to once in a while, can use this site for that purpose, and readers who like that sort of thing can read from one site or subscription.

The overall style is to be Swiftean, and avoid personality-based abuse. Apart from that, it’s up to the posters what they publish. We will never accept corporate sponsorship, largely because we will never be offered it.

To post, contact the Administrator with your name, blog name and link. You will be given an account by email after you have been set up. Try to remain relevant and interesting, and if you don’t have a blog to rant on and find that you are using this one a lot, we suggest WordPress.com.

If you find that the Categories do not offer you a proper umbrella for your post, include that in an email to the Administrator as well.



  1. But John, “personality-based abuse” is the crude oil of the blogosphere.

    • Sure, so long as you don’t get into people’s personal lives for ad hominem effect. Obviously we can permit people to act like adults, so long as they actually act like adults.

  2. Man, that metaphor works in sooo many ways!

  3. Only because you asked so nicely: “Rules? In a knife fight?”

    • “No Rules!” But remember what happened then. Unless people enjoy getting kicked in the nuts, some rules are needed even in a knife fight.

      • Have we really all watched the same movies!

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